The Brain Train – The World’s First Mathematical Railway!


The Brain Train




Logical Deduction, Numeracy, Sequencing, Spatial Awareness and Visual Perception.

Each of the twelve track tiles features a number.

Use the clues and select the tiles that will allow you to add or subtract the numbers to create your target number.

Then connect the tracks to solve the puzzle!

There are 40 puzzles to challenge, with four levels of difficulty and once you have finished building each puzzle, the wind-up train will run along the tracks.

There are 12 sections of train tracks.

Your task is to construct the railways correctly.

However, with each of the 40 graded puzzles you will need to solve maths puzzles and use logical deduction to work out what goes where.

The best bit?

Once you have completed the puzzle, the wind-up train will go speeding around your solution!

Absolutely brilliant!

Now in its 19th year, the Family Choice Award is one of the most coveted consumer awards in the United States!

The Brain Train won the 2018 Award!

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