Mondrian Blocks – White


Mondrian Blocks – White




A challenge for all ages!

Play it solo, with friends, or even make a competition out of it!

Your brain is just like a muscle, waiting to be exercised and challenged.

Open your case, pick a challenge card, and place your starter blocks on the board as shown, then try to place all your blocks on the board surrounding the starter blocks.

There is only one way to solve the challenge for each card.

It’s time to make some art, game on!

Each travel case contains 88 challenges on 44 double-sided cards and 11 play blocks that are conveniently stored in separate compartments.

Each set of 88 cards, has four levels of challenges: Beginner, Advanced, Master and Grandmaster.

On the backside of every hard case, there is a unique code to register online, to obtain registration, for more new challenges too!

Collect them all: Red, Yellow, Blue and White.

Collect all four different colours of Mondrian Blocks, for a total of 352 different challenges!

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