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Plui Rain Cloud




Plui rain ball is a popular and fun toy renowed as the most innovative bath toy in recent years.

Now, this fun ball is getting a little sister, based on the same physics principle: the Plui rain cloud!

The cloud has small holes in the bottom and an openig in the top.

Just dunk in water to fill and when you lift out the water, it starts raining!

The trick is to keep the flow of water under control by covering the hole on top of the cloud with your finger tip and then leaving it open again.

The toy helps children learn about the basic physical principles of air and water in a simple and playful way.

The Plui rain cloud arouses curiosity, stimulates the senses and helps children to get accustomed to a flow of water from a showerhead.

View Product Video to learn how to use Plui Rain Cloud . . .

Product Video