Digital Recording Studio – 50 Experiments


Digital Recording Studio



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The Digital Recording Studio is one of the most useful and practical tools for discovering and learning about workings of the circuits used in everyday electronic components.

This console and the experiment book will lead you, step by step, through the fascinating world of sound and voice recording and modulation.

First of all, you will learn the basics of electronics.

Then you will go on to understanding the advanced circuits and the components used.

As you become an expert, you can start making more complicated projects, using a real “integrated circuit”.

This circuit is a very advanced component, it is the heart of the console. It is the same kind that you get in a lot of computers and mobile phones.

The Digital Recording Studio is a valid, educational tool for experiencing the methods of researchers and discovering the secrets of extraordinary transformations involving the world around us.

Can be used as a teaching aid / learning accessory for the key stages indicated in the British National Curriculum.

The experiments are organised gradually so that you start with the easier ones and move on to more complicated ones.

If you follow the instructions in the guide book, you will easily learn all the secrets and fascinating principles, which rule the laws of electronics and digital recording and have fun, too.