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Rook Deluxe Card Game



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DELUXE ROOK features a deck of 56 premium-quality, numerical ROOK cards (no face cards) and the unique ROOK Bird Card.

Also includes score sheets and the first modern Players Guide, ROOK IN A BOOK – an 80 page book with rules for all popular ROOK variations including “Kentucky Discard” and TOURNAMENT ROOK.

You’ll find a complete analysis of these variations plus “winning tips” to improve your play.

Rules for many other variations are included for: two, three, four, five or six players, plus special children’s games.

As a special bonus, you’ll find the first published rules for “BUCKEYE” ROOK and the Hearts-like variation, “AW SHUCKS!”

If you’re a fan of ROOK, a lover of card games, or if you’re looking for great, wholesome, family fun, DELUXE ROOK is for you.

Contains: 57 premium quality cards, 80 page Rook Book and score pad.