Hands on Play and Learn Ball – Animal Ball


Animal Ball – Hands on Play and Learn Ball




Many games can be enjoyed with this Animal ball. Calling out names, species, habitat, what they eat, colours, how does animal move?

Other activities find words that rhyme, ie Rabbit – habit, etc.

Ideal for foreign language studies, training, or fun activity to engage group spontaneity.

Great party ball too!

– Hands on Play and Learn Ball
Learning through playing.

It is well known that the brain works best when it “runs on fun”.

Studies have shown that the games and physical activities play a crucial role in children’s physical and social development.

Hands on Play and Learn Balls are the ideal link between cognitive development and physical exercise.

Lightweight and very robust, HANDS ON Play and Learn Balls are ideal for toss and catch games.

The HANDS ON inflatable Play and Learn ball consists of a stitched 32-panel fabric cover and heavy-duty balloon.

The game rule is simple:

Two or more players throw the ball to each other, answering the questions their right thumb lands on.