Mister Babache Juggling Balls


Mister Babache Juggling Balls



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Benefits of juggling for the Body and Soul:
130 grams
Juggling: a delight for over 4,000 years!…

JUGGLING: an ART, fascinating, relaxing and easily mastered by everyone!

JUGGLING: a game – a sport – a challenge for everyone! Juggling is a useful education for children. It helps movement coordination and balance. It improves the discovery of concentration. Juggling also shows the benefit of regular training, the challenge of performance. It facilitates the communication among children and their understanding of
play, partnership and competition.

JUGGLING: healthy activity – home exercise – great game for adults! Juggling is a healthy exercise for the elders as well (kinesiology, sport, physiotherapy, agility) and a performing
rehabilitation technique (muscle building, motivity, eye muscles). Juggling is also a fabulous pastime and great moment of relaxation for all adults, at any time and any age.

Just a few minutes helps you feeling great! You juggle in the morning to keep fit, in the evening to relax or as soon as you feel the need to unwind.

JUGGLING: forget the stress – relaxation and active concentration Juggle also in the office, just before an important meeting, during a break, alone or with colleagues. From the start, juggling never ceases to stimulate brain and body. It increases the concentration power, gradually releases tension and improves agility. While juggling, worries, problems and complexities are forgotten! After juggling, body and brain feel just great! Juggling helps build self confidence, tends to develop the right side of the brain which is thought to contribute to awareness, mental agility and creativity!

JUGGLING: its fiesta and show time – it spreads humor and fun! At all levels of performances juggling is a kind of a fiesta. Juggling spreads fun and improves communication at home, at school or in the office. Juggling is indisputably amusing and healthy for everyone. The play element in juggling brings out the child in us. We are laughing and having fun. Isn’t that the best therapy and a fabulous pastime?

JUGGLING is relaxing, entertaining, simple to learn and healthy!

JUGGLING: develops or rehabilitates following faculties:

1. Intellectual faculties:

personal confidence
visualisation within space

2. Physical faculties:

joints mechanism
muscle potential
muscle litheness

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