ZooBookoo Cubes: Starter Pack


ZooBookoo Cubes: Starter Pack



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ZooBookoo Cubes Starter Pack: 21 ZooBookoos from eight available titles: (Dinosaurs, Multiplication, Human Body, Planets, Wild Cats Dolphins & Whales, Alphabet, Numbers) plus a display stand including a display sample – all for $145.00 against the normal price of $157.50. An 8% saving. Limit – One per Store.

For Youngsters / Starters

Promotes dexterity and provides conversation topics

Tests colour association, grouping and letter recognition

Investigates the concept of time

Reinforces messages through repetition

Intermediate / Advanced

Tests numeracy and promotes self-testing

Investigates space, relative time, size and distance

Fact-finding reference tool with index key cross-referencing