Wit’s End Challenge Your Mind


Wit’s End Challenge Your Mind



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Here are the four card categories to baffle your brain . . .

Teaser – Can you think laterally?

As you try to uncover the hidden relationships, you will discover that things are seldom what they seem!
Odd 1 Out – Which one does not belong?

After reading the clue, you are given four terms. But only three have something in common – find the odd-one-out!

Sequence – What is the sequence?

List countries by population, hit songs by release dates, historical events by year, animals by size, and much more!

Wild Card – What will you get?

It might be Brain Trivia, True or False, 2 Out Of 3, Quotations, Slangs, Memory Lane, Clock is Ticking, or other surprises.

Wit’s End Game Includes:

1,600 Questions

400 Game Cards

Large Gameboard

Playing Pieces and Die