Windward – Harness The Wind, Master the Skies





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Immerse yourself in a world of valour, innovation, cunning and strategy on your journey to master the skies.

On the gaseous planet of Celus, valuable gas keeps everything afloat in the skies.

Without it, the city and citizens would plummet into the scalding hot core of the planet.

The only usable source of this gas is found within Cresters, the monstrous flying beasts that control the skies of Celus.

As captain of a ship, you must hunt these vicious Cresters to bring gas back to the city . . .

Players are competing captains of their own specialised ship, each with a unique ability.

As you hire crew and gather supplies, your ship becomes more and more powerful.

Sail the world of Celus by using cunning manuevers to harness the power of the wind.

Give strategic orders to your crew, and commandeer your opponents’ treasure by defeating them in battle using cannons and combat supplies.

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