White Dots


White Dots



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This puzzle is based the Cubedron Classic puzzle concept.

The puzzle consists of a clear plastic sphere with five white pyramids inside, which form a cube with one pyramid missing.

The puzzle has various solutions, depending on the task.

Each internal side of the pyramid has either one, two, three, or four dots.

To achieve one solution, the solver should ensure that the four (visible) internal sides form a logical pattern when looking in the empty space.

This pattern can be a set of “one dots”, a set of “four dots”, a clockwise set “1-2-3-4” etc.

By involving the external parts of the pyramids, the puzzle can become harder.

For example, by achieving a solution of a set of “one dots” and at the same time the external bottom side has also the symbol of the “one dot”.

To flip a pyramid, ensure the empty space is always at the top, then move one pyramid towards the empty space, and so on.

This type of movement is a natural movement, when one pyramid rotates with respect to the center of the sphere, while the position of the other pyramids is invariant.

A combination of systematic approaches is required to find any of the solutions.

There are some unexpected mathematical problems involving parity and rotations.

In speed-solving competitions, the solver is required to start from solution and to end up to the other, a task which involves intuitive mathematical thinking.