Wax Crayons by Scarabocchi and Clementoni


Wax Crayons by Scarabocchi and Clementoni



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Discover the secret language of children and learn to know them better.

Evi Grotti, psychologist and pedagogist, founded the first graphology school in Milan based on the teachings of Girolamo Moretti.

Aberto Magni, surgeon, is specialised in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy.

Together with Clementoni, they have made possible a highly innovative project in the field of image education and training infants to draw and develop manual skills.

An “important” guide . . .

Each pack is accompanied by an illustrated booklet, written by two expert psychologists and pedagogists, full of detailed advice and lots of drawings to understand “the secret language of children” . . . The manual is a guide to observation and reflection, thanks to which parents can study their children’s drawings, interpret their character and discover the fantastic world in which they live.