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SuperMind – The more challenging sequel to MightyMind.

SuperMind challenges school age children to build increasingly complex designs and pictures

SuperMind begins where MightyMind leaves off.

Using the same shapes as MightyMind, SuperMind challenges school age children and younger gifted children, to build increasingly complex designs and pictures.

This play-alone activity is ideal for any child who has completed the beginning MightyMind card series.

Parents and teachers especially like it, because it keeps children busy by themselves, developing their sense of independence and self confidence.

Children around the world have mastered basic intuitive skills by playing with this highly recognised award winner.

Like MightyMind, it has been cited by authoritative experts on child development including Susan Amerikaner and Sarina Simon, “The Talented and Gifted Catalogue”.

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If your child enjoyed MightyMind, SuperMind is even better!!!

Or, for older children who LOVE puzzles.

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