Stars and the Zodiac Window Colours by Clementoni


Stars and the Zodiac Window Colours



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Window Colours is the great new creative range from Clementoni, used to make fabulous transparent and relief stickers.

The artistic technique of painting on glass is now made easy and entertaining.

Use the reference drawings to mark the outlines of the subject on the plastic sheet provided and then colour in directly using the paint phials. When dry, the sticker can be removed from the plastic base and applied to windows, bottles, plastic glasses, and all other kinds of transparent surfaces.

Moved, the stickers can be repositioned so that glass, and other surfaces, can be cleaned without spoiling, the original art-work!

Contents include:

Complete set of colours for transparent surfaces;
A phial of gum-based paint for the outlines;
Huge selection of “Sun, Moon and Stars” drawings to reproduce and apply anywhere;
A plastic base sheet to transfer the drawings; and
Illustrated instructions for using Window Colours.