Lottie – Spring Celebration Ballet


Lottie – Spring Celebration Ballet



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Lottie loves to dance and is really excited to be performing in the Spring Celebration Ballet at Lottieville Theatre.

Lottie works hard to prepare and practices for hours on end to perfect her dance steps, including pirouettes and arabesques.

Will the performance be a success? Will Lottie remember all her dance steps?

Key Features:

• Doll Height: 7″ (18 cm): Super Cute!

• Detailed clothing that allows for imaginative, dressable fun

• High quality Japanese hair that is soft and very strokable

• Moveable joints that encourage creative, poseable play

• Ball socket arms (full rotation)

• Ball socket hips (allows splits front to back and side to side)

• “Click Click” bendable knees

• Head poseable side to side

• Able to stand on her own two feet without assistance (…always a useful life skill to have!)

• Themed illustrated “doll bag” reusable packaging with handles

• Recommended Age: 3 Years+