Qwitch Card Game


Qwitch Card Game




Qwitch is the exciting game in which three to five players race to play cards in sequence.

Yet watch out!

Letters and numbers can go up, down, or stay the same . . . and switch at any time.

“Quick” loves cheese, “Switch” is crazy about donuts and in your hands are many of these delicious snacks!

Roll the dice then race to play the right cards before these rascally rodents get their paws on ther favourite foods.

Numbers and letters can go up, down or stay the same . . . and change at any time!

Be the first player out of cards, and win!

Switch to a new family favourite!

3 – 5 Players.

Minutes to Learn.

Less than Five Minutes per Game


64 Letter / Number Cards

Qwitch Die

Quick Play Rules

View Product Video to learn how to play Qwitch . . .