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No Stress Chess



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Finally a way to learn to play Chess – the world’s greatest game – quickly, excitingly and without stress!

The secret?

An innovative deck of action cards.

Each card depicts a chess piece and how it moves.

You move only this piece on your turn.

This eliminates the need to memorize all the chess pieces and their moves in advance.

And the great news is that after a few turns, you’ll instinctively know how to move and capture with your knights and bishops, rooks and pawns, king and queen.

There’s more.

The gameboard is two sided.

The first side shows you where to place the pieces to start the game (no guesswork, no stress!)

The second side is a standard chessboard.

Once you become comfortable with moves and powers of each chess piece you can flip the board over put the action cards aside and play chess unaided!

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