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Mille Bornes Card Game




You’re in a cross-country auto rally through France, and it’s filled with real-life traffic hazards.

You’ve run out of gas – do you have a Gasoline card?

You’ve got a flat tire – have you got a spare?

Use the deck’s special cards to overcome hazards and put obstacles in your opponents’ path.

Stop them with a Red Light, impose a Speed Limit, cause a Breakdown.

But watch out – they’re trying to do the same to you!

MILLE BORNES . . . Fasten your seat belts for some non-stop action on the road!

Contains 106 premium quality, casino quality cards, illustrated rules and score sheets.


Since 1962, MILLE BORNES has been nothing short of a sensation among card players in the United States.

For a while, it even outsold the greatest game of them all, MONOPOLY.

Now, Winning Moves and JAYZ are proud to bring you the first Classic version of this great game, which captures the look and content of the original and the craze it started.

About the Theme

In most of Europe (especially in France), along the roads, one sees small monuments of cement at regular intervals, bearing a figure and the name of a town.

They are the kilometer-stones (in French: Bornes Kilometriques–in English: milestones), well known to motorists.

They show the number of the route as well as the distance to the next town.

The red or yellow colour of these stones indicate whether the route is a national highway or a local road.

These are the markers which give this game its name: Mille Bornes (pronounced “meel born”).

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