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Micro Space Spinners



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Tonnes of Great Games to Play…

Micro Space Spinners and trade; is a fantastic new battle game that is played with both ‘spinners’ and trading cards. One of the coolest things about Micro Space Spinners, is that there are tonnes of great games that you can play. Check out the rules of Basic Play and then modify them to suit your strengths so you can blow your opponents into outer space!

Or better yet, try and master the exciting game variants set out here so that you can become a Master Micro Space Spinner! May the Spin be with you…

Basic Play:

Battles are carried out inside a circular ‘arena’. An arena can be anything from a soup plate or a saucer to a frisbee. Arena Trays can also be purchased from JAYZ – Item #7194.

In a battle, 2 Spinners compete against each other. The one that hurls the other out of the arena is the winner. If neither of the combatants succeeds in hurling the other one out of the arena, the spinner spinning the longest, is the winner.

The loser has to surrender their Micro Space Spinner to the winner – yet not all spinners have the same value! To compensate for the difference the loser has to turn over more spinners or trading cards until a balance is reached.