Mazescape – Ariadne by Devir


Mazescape – Ariadne by Devir




Mazescape – Ariadne includes SEVEN Unique maps with multiple modes of play and objectives per map.

Mazescape – Ariadne features an innovative reveal system that expands and enlarges, redefines each map as you travel through the unique mazes searching for keys, clues, treasures, or just the way out!

The minotaur is holding Ariadne captive in the deepest dungeon of his labyrinth and you are her only hope.

Mazescape Ariadne is a solitaire game with seven different challenges.

Mazescape is a puzzle that transports you to a mysterious world that is solitary and intricate and full of paths that are constantly changing.

As you open and close the sections that make up the puzzle, you will discover different routes that may lead you to madness . . . or take you to the Impossible Triangle, which will transport you back to the real world; or if you prefer, to another Mazescape.

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