FlexiQ – Make a Mooove! Game


Make a Mooove! Game by FlexiQ




Be the first to find the fruit or make a ‘Mooo’-ve!

Help the animals sort through the pile of fruit.

Roll the dice and flip a card open.

First check the numbers die.

Find the fruit that appears that number of times on the card and yell its name (option 1).

Watch out! if this fruit appears on top of the fruit die, don’t yell the fruit name! Instead make the sound of the animal die (option 2).

The first player to yell the correct answer, wins the card.

Make a Mooove! is a fun, fast and ‘coool’ card game for the whole family.


40 fruit cards, with 6 different fruits

4 dice (a Numbers die

1 animals die

2 fruit dice

Game Rules