Magformers WOW Plus Set – 18 Piece Set


Magformers WOW Plus Set – 18 Piece Set




An upgraded 2021 version of the Magformers WOW Set, a global best-selling set since its launch in 20131

The magnetic clip on wheels have been replaced with click wheels for more stable vehicle construction models.

The driver is detachable with interchanging helmets.

There are extra puzzle and shape sorting cards to bring additional play value to this set.

And a whopping 30 different models can be made.

The idea is for the child to work out how to build the vehicle by looking at the picture, rather than following ‘step by step’ instructions.

This educates the child to think about shapes and number of pieces required to make the vehicle.

Importantly, it also requires the child to develop rotational skills, by working out which shapes would be on the unseen side.