Kinato – IQ Original Magic Puzzle


Kinato – IQ Fantasy Original Magic Puzzle



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Here are Four Interesting uses of KINATO:

First, . . . IQ Puzzle

It is a chain of 16 small triangles which consists of two colours. KINATO can form many different interesting and innovative patterns in the triangular frame provided.

i.e.: Alphabets, Numbers, Animals, plus other fascinating designs, with more than 80 patterns / designs included.

How many more can you make?

Second, . . . Magic Puzzle

Played like a Tangram.

It is not like the conventional tangram.

Interesting shapes and designs are formed by 16 pieces of equilateral triangles.

It is very versatile and flexible.

Many creative and beautiful patterns can be formed from it.

i.e.: Alphabets, Numbers, Animals, plants, plus other items . . .

It can develop and inspire creativity.

Third, . . . Geometrical

It can be a teaching aid especially in Mathematics. To make the game more interesting, a player can form different patterns and then test his mathematical ability.

Fourth, . . . Creativity

Considering KINATO’s versatility, people can use two (2) or three (3) chains of KINATO, to form more complicated tangram designs, thus making it even more interesting and intriguing.

KINATO can be played alone or in a group.

It comes in a handy size and is one of the latest, IQ game products.

KINATO can be played as a family game, thus enhancing family ties between parents and children.

It also helps develop concentration, thinking and perceptive skills.

It is suitable for stimulating creativity and innovativeness, and challenging your IQ.