Hands Up! Game by FlexiQ


Hands Up! Game by FlexiQ




Be the first to spot ‘Theft Incidents’ and catch the thieves!

Thieves have secretly entered the museum and are trying to steal all the precious diamonds.

Your mission, as a security guard, is to spot all “theft incidents” and catch the thieves without triggering a false alarm!

Be the first to spot a combination of a Thief card, a Fingerprint card and a Diamond card that all 3 contain the same or a different number of elements.

Be the fastest player to grab the diamond in the middle, indicate the theft incident and collect cards!

Hands Up! is a fun, fast and tricky card game for the whole family.

Can you ‘steal’ the victory!


60 game cards including . . .

18 Diamond cards

18 Fingerprints cards

18 Thief cards

3 Lights off cards

3 Security Camera cards

1 Power On/OFF card

1 Diamond

Game Rules