ZipBin Farm with Toys


ZipBin Farm with Toys



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Encouraging creative play is easy with this collapsible, transportable farm set! Use the farm playscape to teach children about farm animals, colours, following directions, taking turns, life on the farm, and more. The elegant design of this playscape will delight kids as they explore the different areas of the farm. Kids can pretend to visit the barn, pond, and farmhouse, take care of the animals and plant the fields! Imaginations will soar with endless adventures of life on the farm!

Unzip the sides to open flat and display the farm scene. When zipped up, the mat captures the toys for quick and easy clean-up. Velcro tabs secure the lid. The sturdy straps make it easy to carry along and remove easily for play. Zippers are strong and self-repairing. Stores compactly by folding the sides inward. Wipes clean with a damp cloth and gentle soap.