Come to Your Senses


Come to Your Senses



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Explore and discover your five incredible senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing).

Whether you are interested in magic or medicine, this is a very cool science kit for kids.

You’ll learn about how the amazing human body interacts with the outside world with experiments that test, tease, and trick your senses.

There are several experiments and activities for exploring each of your five senses.

Using this kit you will:

• Learn to read with your fingers

• Map out your tongue’s taste centers with solutions you make yourself, and see if your genes let you taste the included “bitter strips.”

• Test your friends’ sense of smell

• Make a stethoscope using yarn and a wire hanger

• Learn about sound waves with the included kazoo as you disguise and amplify your voice

• Create a test tube jug band that “plays” different notes

• Find out why a doctor taps your knees, and make your own knee jerk reflex tester

• Use the special kit light to see your own capillaries

• Discover how your eyes and brain work with several really cool tricks and tests that include optical illusions, color-based brain teasers, tests to find your blind spot, and more

And many, many more fun experiments.

Along the way, you’ll learn amazing science facts–how do owls see so well in the dark, and what is the purpose of nose hair?

This unique kit will walk you through conducting your own scientific studies as you test your friends and family.

You’ll come away from this amazing exploration with a realization of how truly amazing you and your five senses are.

It’s the ultimate kit for discovering the way you discover the world!

Science Principles explored in this kit: biology, physics, chemistry

Ages 8 +