Clementoni – Cezanne: Still Life with Flowers and Fruit – 1,000 Piece


Cezanne: Still Life with Flowers & Fruit – 1,000 Piece – Clementoni Museum Collection



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A perfect fit for jigsaw collectors of all ages!

Clementoni jigsaws are widely regarded by puzzle enthusiasts as one of the top brand of jigsaws available today. Made with quality materials, beautiful pictures, elegant packaging and a richness in
printing which is second to none.

Clementoni jigsaws are printed with:
– Anti-reflection paper
– Almost invisible joints
– More resistant, exclusive cardboard
– A wide variety of exceptional images

High Colour Collection

Dedicated to contemporary artists, the strength & brightness of the pictures demonstrates Clementoni’s long experience and innovative printing technology.

Fluorescent & Fluorescent Colours

With special fluorescent paint, these collections bring out the luminous charm and magic of beautiful & inspiring images.

Gold Collection

Innovative and sophisticated, the Gold Collection boasts a metallic surface protected by a transparent film for the highest quality jigsaw available.

Museum Collection

This prestigious range captures the most beautiful and famous works of art featured in the worlds leading museums. Along with remarks about each painter and each work, this exclusive collection of jigsaws is a must for all jigsaw enthusiasts.

High Quality Collection (500 piece -13,200 piece)

Clementoni’s prestige collection, admire a range of picturesque images covering six major categories and selected from some of the great artists and finest photographers around the world.