Canasta Caliente Card Game – Hang Sell WM


Canasta Caliente Card Game – Hang Sell



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The beautifully designed, custom cards give the time honoured game play of Canasta a hot new flavour.

Play with the special Caliente cards and add an exciting 21st century variation to the game.

Included in the Canasta Caliente are the official Canasta rules that made the game so wildly popular, plus beautifully designed custom Canasta cards that capture the South American spirit of the game.

Gameplay is authentic. Each partnership aims to score 5,000 points by laying down sets of cards and adding to them.

Forming a Canasta, 7 or more cards of the same type is required to go out.

Wild cards can freeze the Prize pile to thwart opponents.

Claiming the Prize pile can make points totals soar.

Caliente “HOT” cards and a new gameplay variation are included for players who really want to turn up the heat in their Canasta game.

Contains 112 custom designed premium quality Canasta cards and illustrated English / Spanish instruction folders.