Abalone Travel Set Game


Abalone Travel Set




How many games do you know that allow people from 7 to 70 to learn their rules in less than a minute, yet for which a full lifetime isn’t quite enough to master all of their many aspects?

The quick start rules offers a quick view of how the game works, or read the Official Rules to understand the details of its subtleties.

Game Rules:

The basic summed-up rules are as follows:

Each player owns 14 marbles.

To win, a player must push 6 of his/her opponent’s marbles off the board.

On his turn, a player can shift one, two, or three marbles together in any of the six directions, provided there is an adjacent space… in line or broadside.

To push your opponent’s marbles, you need to outnumber him / her.

Simple? Sure.

Simplistic? Of course not. Moving, pushing, defending possibilities happen to be innumerable, and surely strategic.

If for some reason the Abalone game seems too time-consuming, play the limited-time variation of our game… Each player would be restricted to a limited period of time for each game…

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