25 Words Or Less Card Game WM


25 Words Or Less Card Game



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Quick! You’ve got a minute – and “25 Words or Less” of clues – to get your teammates to say the five words on your card.

Say anything you want, yet every word counts!

You say “Italian pie.” That’s two words gone.

Your teammates shout out “Calzone” – wrong answer – and time is slipping away!

So you try “Cheese and pepperoni” – three more words.

Your teammates say “Pizza” – yes! You’re on to the next word.

Get them to guess all five words in less than a minute and in “25 Words or Less” and your team wins the card.

Fail and your opponents get it! Win ten cards and you win the game.

But wait – there’s a twist.

To get the card, you have to bid against an opponent.

Low bid controls the card.

How low will you go? 19? 16? 11? Be bold, yet remember: every word counts!

Contains: More than 550 sets of word challenges, countdown game board and sand timer.

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