Double Spot by Mindware


Double Spot by Mindware




This strategic colour matching twist on the classic vertical drop-the-disk play pattern will catch the attention of every game shopper.

Opponents go head-to-head to match one or both pattern cards in play.

Double-sided disks mean each time one player adds a colour the other player get the reverse side.

Players will need a keen eye and the luck of the die to make a match and claim a card.

The first player to claim five cards win the game!

A proven play pattern with a colourful strategic twist.

High-quality plastic components.

40 multi-directional pattern cards mean endless rounds of play.

View Product Video to learn how to play Double Spot.

Product Video

Double Spot | Matching Strategy Game

The classic connect game with a smarter twist.

Posted by The Grommet on Thursday, 29 November 2018